Delta Air Lines DC-9-51 Fridge Magnet (PMT1525)

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Delta Air Lines, DC-9-51, Handmade 2" x 5" Fridge Magnet  (PMT1525)

This unique handmade fridge magnet is a must-have for any aviation and transportation enthusiast. Featuring the iconic Delta Air Lines DC-9-51, this 2" x 5" magnet is made in the United States and is the perfect addition to any collection. The magnet has been carefully crafted to showcase the intricate details of the aircraft and is a great way to show your love for Delta Airlines. Whether you want to display it on your fridge or gift it to a fellow aviation lover, this magnet is a great conversation starter and a wonderful reminder of the golden age of air travel. With its high-quality design and attention to detail, this Delta Air Lines DC-9-51 fridge magnet is a must-have for any collector.