This Website exists to show the artistic photographic work of Photo Enrichments, and help facilitate future bookings/session photography.
● Everything posted on this Website and Photo Enrichments Social Media pages are © copyrighted.
Photo Enrichments is not nor cannot be responsible (or held responsible) for what a Viewer of this Website perceives, feels, believes to be true, or any other assumptions a Viewer may have.
This Website does not reflect nor does it try to convey the personal, religious beliefs or political views, and/or orientation of the Owner Photo Enrichments, or anyone (and/or model) who appears here. There are no implications or underlying meanings to anything written or photographs posted on this Website.
Photo Enrichments owes no one any explanations nor has to "defend" our art to anyone.  Nor, should any artist have to do so.
● All Models MUST sign a Model Release Form AND provide a Legal form of Identification no matter their age and, or what type of shoot/session is scheduled.  ALL models must be 18 years of age or older and MUST have a government-issued ID with a valid birth date.
● Every Model who appears on this website has signed a Model Release Form.
       Legal Identification was presented.
● The signed Model Release Form clearly states
that any and all photographs are exclusively owned by Photo Enrichments  and may, and can be posted on this Website and on Social Media Pages, or other platforms, etc....ESPECIALLY when any sessions are TFP Collaborations.
● A signed Model Release Form is a binding Legal Document.
It supersedes any other contracts or agreements signed afterwards - including contracts or agreements signed afterwards with agents, talent agencies, etc.
● Photo Enrichments is a Photography Company and not an Agent.
A Model Release Form is simply a document when working with him (or any photographer) on specific shoots/assignments. It does not hold any model to exclusivity of any kind to said photographer(s).
● Nude shoots are by request of the model ONLY!
● There is absolutely nothing anywhere on this Website saying, indicating or otherwise implying that anyone on this site has ever been or ever will be photographed nude by Photo Enrichments.  
● Photo Enrichments also clearly and categorically states on the About Bookings page that if a model requests nude sessions, he MUST be at least 18 years old AND submit his Legal Identification (both front and back) proving his age BEFORE any other "negotiations" can continue ...AND before any shoot begins, as well.
● Photo Enrichments does not and will not give out a model's personal contact information.  On Social Media, he will share a link to a model's page, and only if that model is an adult, and gives permission.
● Posing with one's shirt off and/or while wearing a bathing suit or underwear
is NOT being photographed nude, nor is it obscene, pornography or is it "mature content."
● Nude Photography in NOT pornography.
● Erotic Photography in NOT necessarily pornography.
● Portfolios/Galleries displaying nude figures or work will have a clear "WARNING."  If a Viewer does not wish to see any type of the work (photos) displayed there, the Viewer may simply opt out NOT to look!
If there is any other questions please, feel free to CONTACT Photo Enrichments.